12ab and 80g registration

Exempt from tax rates on your NGO. Also, you can provide tax-free donations to your donors via the 12AB and 80G registrations.

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Basic overview
Registration Process

The fastest registration process in India

As a kind trust, society, or segment 8 organization, an NGO (non-legislative association) is laid out only to fill non-benefit philanthropic needs, and when such a substance is officially enrolled, it is eligible for tax exemptions, benefits, and reliefs, as well as the provision of tax deductions for donors. Any pay a ngo acquires, like help, creation, or gift, will be treated as being available pay regardless of the reason for such pay, except if that ngo has gotten 12A and 80G registrations online. Through 12A registration, all earnings earned by the nonprofit are tax-free. Thus, the NGO may use all profits to further its objectives. With the help of an 80G registration, taxation on the contributions made by donors to the benefit of society is not imposed. Only NGOs and charitable organizations that meet the following requirements are qualified for the registrations for the 80g and 12A:

An NGO cannot make money from business.

They must be registered as a trust, charity, or NGO under Section 8. Furthermore, these organizations should refrain from using their funds or assets to serve other goals. They should also keep the receipts for their expenses in a yearly book of accounts. The trustees or other organisms' governing bodies must not be involved in the unauthorized use of these funds. These organizations should not be working to benefit a particular caste or religion. Furthermore, if an organization earns money through its activities, it must keep a separate record of accounts. Donations to the NGO, in contrast, are not allowed to be used to fund the purpose of such projects.

What is the 12A registration?

Tax exemption benefits for the income of an NGO The Income Tax Department awards section 8 trusts, companies, and other not-for-profit organizations 12A certificates, which are temporary certificates that last for three years. Before, obtaining approval to register a 12A was a lengthy and expensive procedure. With the introduction of reforms in this law, the newly registered NGO can now apply for a preliminary 12A registration and enjoy advantages such as tax-free earnings earned in the current fiscal year. Section 8 trusts, companies, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that have received a 12A registration are not required to pay tax on surplus earnings. Non-profit organizations can all benefit from the 12A registration process.

What is the 80G registration?

Tax exemption benefits for donors The Income Tax Department issues a certificate of 80g to a Section 8 business, a charitable trust, a non-profit organization, or a non-governmental organization (NGO). The purpose of the certificate is to motivate more individuals to make donations to charities such as those. Donating to a non-profit organization grants him a tax deduction of 50% of the donation, as donations are removed from their total income. To be eligible for the tax-free donation, a donor needs to be able to attach a stamped receipt from the NGO with the donation. The receipt must contain the organization's name, dates, and 80G registration number. The initial registration for 80g is valid for three years. Benefits of 12a and registration for 80g More money to pay for the tax exemption for NGOs Capital, income, and more will be made available to charities as they attract more donors. Funds from new sources recognized by government agencies, government institutions, and international sources of funding and grants are allowed after receiving 12A and the registration of 80G. Expands the reach of the NGO as more donors are drawn to charitable purposes since the amount is exempt from tax. This broadens the nature of the NGO's mission since more donations are accessible for charitable purposes.

Documents needed for 12A and registration for 80G

  • All we need is this from you.
  • Below is a list of documents needed for the registration of the 12A online:
  • Section 8 of the trust document for registration
  • Directors' pan cards or trustees' pan cards
  • Aadhar card for trustees or directors
  • A trust document (in the event of trust) or memorandum of understanding (moa) or articles of association (aoa) that the firm (in the instance of a society or section 8 company)
  • Audit reports for every year since the introduction of Section 8 society/ngo/trust/NGO
  • An extensive list of welfare programs.

FCRA fundings

Only 12A and the registered NGOs can accept international funds, with some exceptions under the Foreign Regulation Act 2010 (FCRA).

More exposure

Assuming an NGO is enlisted and gets 12A and 80G enrolments, it will have more noteworthy functional openness and status worth.

12A and 80G registration processes

  • Simpler than it appears!
  • Digital preparations
  • Signature (DSC)

Digital signature certificates are needed to file online e-forms related to the 12A and registration processes. Registration for NGO Darpan Registration, also known as Niti Aayog Registration, is mandatory before the 12A and the 80G registrations. A minimum of three members is required to complete this registration. This process could take three days.


When we apply for the NGO Darpan registration, we'll begin preparing all the electronic forms and other attachments needed to be submitted for registration 12A. These forms include all information about the organization's work and goals and should be prepared meticulously.

Client's approval

After all the relevant documents and forms have been completed and all the necessary documents are completed, we forward the documents to the client for confirmation. After receiving the client's approval, we proceed to the next step.

Filling out e-forms for the income tax department

Once we've completed all the formalities and documentation, we upload the e-forms with the attachments we prepared in Step 4 to the tax portal for approval.


The validity of interim 12A and 80G registrations lasts three years. Renewing these registrations must be made six months before the end date for these certificates.

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