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Basic overview
Registration Process
Due Date

What is FC-GPR (Foreign Currency Gross Provisional Return)?

If a company receives FDI (foreign direct investment) through equity investments, it gives shares of its stock to the investor from abroad. The transaction must be reported as an FC-GPR issued by the RBI. FC-GPR can be used when an organization receives foreign investment and, as a result of this investment, assigns shares to investors from abroad. If this occurs, the company must provide the details of the allocation of shares to the Reserve Bank of India according to RBI guidelines for direct foreign investment within 30 days.

Conditions to file the form FC-GPR

Every business that is involved in foreign investments is required to report to the RBI. Here are the requirements to be considered when it comes to international direct investment: Foreign investment should follow policies on foreign direct investment (FDI) guidelines. The securities issued must be issued by the Foreign Exchange Management. Note that shares, convertible preference shares, and convertible debentures are the only securities considered for FDI.


attached to the annexure additions using the format specified in the RBI user's manual.

CSS Certificate

CS certificates are to be added as an additional attachment according to the format specified by the RBI user manual.

Certificate of Valuation

A Certificate of Valuation should be affixed to the place of the certificate of valuation in the prescribed format and governed by FEMA 20(R). However, the valuation certificate is optional for the issue of rights. A simple declaration on paper can be included to prove that the issuance of rights to an individual or persons who reside in a different country than India is outside the same price bracket as those offered to an individual living in India.

Confirmation letters are relevant to the issue

Will be added as attachments to FC-TRS/FCTRS that are filed for the initial rights investment and bonus issues.

Resolution of the board of directors

The resolution of the board of directors should be attached as an additional attachment with pertinent extracts.

Memorandum of Association

The Memorandum of Association (MOA) should be included as an additional annexure with pertinent extracts, if there are any.

Merger, separation, or amalgamation

: These will be accompanied by the specified attachment with relevant approval from the competent authority and relevant extracts.

FIRC along with KYC

: Foreign Inward Remittance Certificate (FIRC) and KYC must be added to KYC.

Deadline for Filing

The company is required to submit the form FC-GPR to RBI within 30 calendar days of the date of issuance of securities. Before reporting transactions, the company is required to provide the following information to fill out the form:

  • The unique identification number (UIN) from RBI is required for reporting an advance foreign transfer.
  • KYC record of the beneficiary if the remitter and the beneficiary are not from the same entity.
  • Certificate of the Company Secretary
  • A certificate from a SEBI-certified character accountant or merchant banker detailing the method for formulating the cost of shares allocated to the individual or a person who is a resident outside of India
  • Disclaimer certificate
  • Statutory Auditor Certificate
  • The format of the board resolution
  • Allocated Loan Registration Number (LRN)
  • A certified copy of the Foreign Investment Promotion Board (FIPB), if there is one.
  • Information on share transfers, if required
  • A non-objection certificate (NOC) is issued by the person who is the remitter of the shares allocated by the third party who has mentioned the relationship between them.
  • A copy of the note sent by the investor from abroad stating the reasons behind the subscription of shares through the remitter on behalf of the investor
  • Copy of the board resolution or an agreement from the investor company to issue shares and allot shares to foreign investors, excluding transfers
  • Cause for delay in the submission (if there is any)

Who must submit an FC-GPR?

Every Indian firm that issues shares or debentures against funds paid from outside India to issue shares, preferred shares, or convertible debentures under the FDI Scheme is required to submit Form FC-GPR. FC-GPRs are also required to be filed whenever an eligible instrument is offered for sale without consideration, like bonuses, shares, or mergers or demergers, for example.

The purpose of filing: Formula FC-GPR

In Form FC-GPR, the business to be reported is the issuance of equity instruments issued by an Indian firm to a person who is based outside of India, i.e., the allotment of shares, compulsory transferable preference shares, or debentures that are compulsory to transfer at the time of incorporation or upon incorporation of the company.

FC-GPR Filing Process

The person submitting this transaction is registered as both the entity user and the corporate user on the same primary form available in the FIRM's portal. The process for registration is in the following order:

Step 1: Registration for Business Users

To sign up as a brand-new business user, the person applying must go to the official website for the FIRMS and then sign up as per the following procedure: Click on the registration link for new business users who complete the form. After filling in all the required information, After filling in the details, the business owner has to fill out the registration form. It will be inspected by the branch in question of the bank authorized for dealer banking. The rejection or acceptance of this would be communicated via email to the business account user on the email used for registration. The Form FC-GPR was issued by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) when a business receives an investment from a foreign country and, in exchange for the acquisition, assigns shares of its own to foreign investors. Then, the company must document the details of the allotment shares using the FC-GPR form.

Step 2: Now log in to the Single Master Form (SMF).

To log into the company, applicants must sign in using an account username, password, and username sent via email. The customer selects the return type as FCGPR. Then, the applicant completes the form in the tabs that follow.

Step 3: Details in FC-GPR

Entity Information Company investee details like CIN, company name, and PAN information are pre-populated, while other details, such as entry routes and caps on the sector or statutory caps, are required to be reported separately. Issue details Date of issue, the kind of issue, and the initial reference number of FC-GPR in case of a later filing. If the pattern of shareholding in the wake of the reported transaction has already been considered in the shareholding pattern created prior to the transaction, choose the option to either affirm or deny. Details of Foreign Investors General information such as the number of investors, names, addresses, country of residence, and the constitution or nature of the entity investing Details about the transfer, such as the address and name of AD Bank, payment method, date and amount of transfer, and FIRC number, have to be completed. Issue amount In total, the number of inflows and the amount of equity instruments issued are filled automatically according to previously filled-in data. Issue Particulars Information about the kind of equity instruments, the number of instruments, the conversion ratio, the number of shares on a dilute basis, the face value, the premium, the issue price for each device, and the number of shares allotted to shareholders will be listed in the format. A fair valuation of the issue according to the valuation report of a merchant banker or chartered accountant who is registered with SEBI, depending on what the situation could be, The valuation report is included in the Certificate of Valuation tab. In addition, there should be a written statement from the applicant. Shareholder Pattern The applicant should make sure that the information on the form is correctly filled in to ensure that the calculated pattern of the shareholder is correct. The values for transactions are calculated automatically from the primary entity. Post-transaction values are determined automatically based on the information entered into the form. After Transaction (Value of Shares) Before the transaction + Value of Shares reported in Form

Step 4: Form Submission

When you've filled out all the details, save and then submit your form. Attach the attachments below:

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