Project Office Registration in India

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Basic overview
Registration Process

The RBI granted general permission to a foreign corporation in India to set up a project office, provided an agreement was made between the company and the Indian government.

Project Office Registry

A foreign company can establish a permanent or temporary project office in India if the Indian government has awarded it a project. Before it can begin operating, the project office must be registered with RBI and ROC. Before project office registration is granted, there are certain conditions. The application to register a project office is made to the Category 1 AD Bank. It includes the complete documents, including a copy, and an undertaking that outward remittances will not fund the project. After approval by the RBI, the application for a project office must be registered with the ROC and local police within thirty days.

Project Office Registration Process: Attestation or Legalization of Documents

The Indian Embassy must legalize all documents, including the certificate of incorporation, board decisions, moa, and articles of incorporation, of foreign companies that are required to file with the RBI.

Applying to the RBI through AD Bank

A foreign company can apply for the registration of a project bank through AD Bank (an authorized dealer). They play a key role in all communications with the RBI. We have excellent relationships with many Indian banks, which can help us apply to the RBI and follow up.

Banker of the Parent Company Verification of KYC

After the FNC Formula has been filed with AD Bank, a request to verify documents is sent to the banker of a foreign company. This is also known as "swift-based authentication. After the confirmation documents are received from the foreign banker, the RBI will approve the application. The RBI might request clarification or add-on documents.

Approval from RBI for Project Office Registration in India

After the incorporation of the company, the bank account should be opened. The unfamiliar direct venture should arrive within 180 days of consolidation. The banker must receive advance notice. The company is responsible for reporting all FDI received by the RBI within 30 days of investment.

Registration of an Unfamiliar Organization's Venture Office with the ROC

After receiving RBI permission, the foreign company must request the ROC to register the foreign corporation. For foreign companies with Indian directors, a DIN number is required. In addition, the digital signature and signature of the authorized signatory are required to file the ROC's statutory forms.

PAN Card, Bank Opening, and Tax Deduction No.

The Income Tax Department issues a unique 10-digit alphanumeric number to each taxpayer as a permanent number. This is also known as a PAN number. Every taxpayer must get a tax deduction account number to comply with TDS requirements. This number is necessary for tax compliance. After the Income Tax Department has allotted the PAN number, the branch office's bank account can be opened.

Other licenses and registrations

The project office will be operational once all compliance requirements have been met. These depend on the type of business and the state laws applicable to all commercial activities. You can register under shops and establishments, Goods and Services Tax (GST), Professional Tax Act, Provident Funds Act, Employee Insurance Act (ESIC), etc.

Check out this list of documents.

  • AR-signed FNC Form
  • Proof of Registered Office
  • Note on Location/Proposed Activity
  • No Certificate of Origin (NOC) from the owner
  • Certificate of Incorporation/MOA
  • Audited Financial, Past 5 Years
  • Board resolution to open a branch office
  • KYC by the authorized signatory

What is a project office in India?

Foreign companies often set up project offices in India when awarded projects by either government agencies or private sectors that need to be executed here. Before beginning business operations in India, however, registration with the RBI and ROC must first take place, as this cannot happen until all conditions necessary for the registration of said office have been fulfilled.

What is the procedure to register a project office in India?

Legalization and filing with the RBI through AD Bank Approval from RBI for Project Office Registration in India Registration of the Project Office of a Foreign Company with the ROC and Other Registrations and Licences

What is the purpose of the establishment of a project office by a foreign company?

The purpose is to successfully execute a specific project within India on an agreed-upon timeline.

What is the validity period for project offices in India?

A project office remains valid throughout its duration until it has either been completed or discontinued.

Step 1: Contact the project manager.

The unfamiliar element probably got an undertaking in India. A formal and legally binding agreement must also be signed for the same financial report.

Step 2: Clearance on the Project

The project has been approved and cleared by the appropriate and respected ministry and, where applicable, the environment ministry.

Step 3: Foreign Funding

The incoming remittances received from abroad must be used to fund the project.

Step 4: Indian Funding

If foreign funding is unavailable, the Indian entity responsible for awarding the contract will be able to borrow the term loan from a public financial institution or Indian bank.

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