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Basic overview
Registration Process

Sole proprietorship registration

A proprietorship business is one of the most straightforward kinds of business available in India because it does not require registering as a proprietor and has very few legal and tax obligations. Suppose you want to establish a proprietorship-based business in India. In that case, it is possible to take advantage of our premium services offered by our highly skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced team of experts. To help you with this, we've created an efficient package of proprietorship registrations at the most affordable prices in India.

Documents required for sole proprietorship registration

Although ownership registration within India isn't required by any law, it requires various other legal and tax registrations, just as with any other type of business. This includes opening the bank account, closing an address for a registered office, GST registration, professional tax registration (if appropriate), shop and establishment registration, and MSME registration. The necessary documents to complete the above registrations, including the proprietorship registration in India, are listed in the table below.

A. Documents of the Proprietor B. Documents of the registered address for proprietorship registration
Two-colored photographs Address proof (Electricity Bill, Property Tax Receipt, Sale Deed, or Notarized and Stamped Rent Agreement.) (The receipts and bills must not be older than 2 months.)
Aadhar Card NoC from the owner of the premises in the required format
PAN card
Cancelled Cheque
Address Evidence (Voter ID, driver's license, passport, bank statement that is not longer than 2 months old, or electricity bills that are not more than 2 months old.)

Minimum Requirement and the Checklist for Proprietorship Registration

  • Put aside a specific amount of capital
  • A brand-new, unique, legally valid name.
  • Put aside a specific amount of capital
  • A brand-new, unique, legally valid name.
  • A registered address for the owner
  • Have a question? Our expert is ready to assist you.

Step-wise sole proprietorship registration

You can complete your proprietorship registration in just a day. All you have to do is place an order online with us, and we will help you establish your proprietorship business within a matter of hours. The order you place for proprietorship firm registration will be handled by our team of highly educated, knowledgeable, experienced, and skilled experts who will make sure you receive the finest quality services offered to you. As we mentioned previously, the process for proprietorship registration is entirely online, and there's no requirement to visit our offices. We are happy to assist you with any clarifications you require.

Step 1: Documentation

Registering a proprietorship begins with the owner's documentation and the central location where the proprietorship is expected to conduct its business operations. A complete list of required documents is provided below. It is your responsibility to verify that the documents you request are authentic and up-to-date.

Step 2: Select a Unique Name

The first step to proprietorship registration is choosing a name that is unique for the registration. The name must be legal and not infringe on trademark rights—IP rights associated with any trademark that is registered. The process can be started by searching for the names that are proposed in the database of public trademarks available on the IP India portal. Make sure that when you have chosen the name of your sole proprietorship company, it is registered as a trademark to protect the name from being taken over or copied in the future.

Step 3: MSME, Udyam Registration, and Udyog Aadhar

To open a business bank account, you will need two documents under the names of your business's proprietorship. The first refers to the Udyog Aadhar card, while the other is the MSME (or Udyam Registration Certificate). These documents permit entrepreneurs to apply online for MSME benefits and services provided by various government departments in addition to the benefits provided under the MSME Act.

Step 4: GST Registration

You cannot supply products or services to all of India without a sole proprietorship company having GST registration. Suppose your business is restricted to the state of origin. In that case, registration for GST will need to be obtained before your turnover exceeds $40 lakh for providing products and $20 lakh for service delivery.

Step 5: Other tax registrations

Based upon the kind of business activities and the primary place of business, the proprietorship company might require TAN, IEC, and PT registrations. TAN will comply with TDS laws, while the IEC Code is required for businesses involved in importing and exporting goods or services. The IEC Code is required for companies involved in importing and exporting products or services. Proprietorships must get PT registrations in some states where professional tax is mandatory for professionals.

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