RBI-FLA return filing

Each and every company, LLP, or partnership firm with liabilities and assets in foreign currency is required to complete the return with the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) on their foreign assets and lia

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Basic overview
Registration Process

Overview of RBI FLA returns formation

Every partnership or firm with liabilities and assets in foreign currency must file the return with the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) on their foreign assets and liabilities in accordance with the rules of the Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999, and the rules enacted under it, and in accordance with the RBI/2010/11/427 A.P. (DIR series) Circular No. 45, at or on or before the 15th of July in every year in India in conjunction with the Reserve Bank of India (RBI).

On the hyperlink (note: paste this link: https://www.rbi.org.in/scripts/fs_notification.aspx?id=6286&fn=5&mode=0),

What are the different types of foreign assets and foreign liabilities?

  • Investments by an Indian company outside India
  • Foreign investment in an Indian company
  • Credit to a foreign entity, a director, or a person
  • The borrowings of foreign entities, directors, or other individuals
  • Trade payables
  • Trade receivables

What are the consequences of not filing the RBI return on foreign liabilities and assets annually?

In accordance with the requirements in Section 13 of the Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999, failure to file the return prior to the due date is regarded as a violation of the act and is therefore a grave offense under FEMA, punishable by severe penalties and sanctions. Experts at DobizIndia Business Solution Pvt. Ltd. will assist you to complete the filing for the RBI FLA return hassle-free and effectively.


  • Complete set of financial statements (audited or unaudited).
  • The previous year's copy of the FL return, filed through the company
  • Pan card and registration certificate (MOA and AOA) of the company
  • Additional documents are sent by mail.

What is flaw filing?

An annual report of the foreign liabilities and assets (FLA) is required under FEMA 1999 and must be filed by all Indian-resident companies that have received FDI and/or made overseas investments in the preceding year(s) and this year.

What can I do to return my updated FL along with my RBI?

It is mandatory to file FLA's annual returns. Florida's annual return is required to be completed before July 15 of the respective year. Excel sheet that can be used as a standard method for filing the FL annually. The form must be sent by any authorized employee of the firm using their email address in the form of an official ID email for the RBI, i.e., fla@rbi.org.in.

When is the due date for FLF filing?

The due date for filing the FAR is July 15 of that year. If the FAR is filed based on unaudited financial statements, a revised form must be filed based on audited financial statements before the end of September in the year in question.

Can the flaw be changed?

The company should download the most recent FLR each year before the end of May. The company should use the latest FL tax return for the year only.

What are the consequences for non-compliance with FLA?

If a business fails to submit its flaw report within the stipulated date, it is required to pay an additional penalty of three times the amount involved in the violation. If the contravention is not specific enough, a penalty of up to Rs. 2,00,000 will need to be paid out by the business, as well as Rs. 5000 per day in the event of a persistent infraction.

Which types of businesses are exempt from filing a FAR return?

Companies that have issued shares on a non-reparable basis do not have an outstanding balance of ODI or FDI at the end of the fiscal year. Companies that have received share application funds but have not received any FDI or have not yet made an ODI

What is the procedure for RBIF return filing?

  • receipt request from the client.
  • We offer you a checklist of the necessary information.
  • You gave us all the information and documents.
  • We begin processing your documents and then send the pdf files to your confirmation.
  • You verify the file or suggest modifications. If you think there are, you may wish to
  • The final HTML file to record your data and the additional RBI filing

The entire registration process for the company is expected to take 7–10 working days.

How can I calculate the price of equity investments using the owned fund book value (of bv) method for a company that is not listed?

Particulars Previous march The march of the last day
Equity share capital -- --
Capital for participating preference shares -- --
Total A+b A+b
Reserve and surplus -- --
Value of net worth for the company C + d C + d
Equity share capital held by non-resident direct investors (nrdi) -- --
Participating preference share capital is held by NRDD. -- --
Total F+g F+g
Participating preference and equity shareholding percentage H/c H/c
FDIC at the market value E*i E*i

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