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The Societies of India are created under the Societies Act of 1861. Although it is not compulsory to register a society, it is recommended. This will allow you to enjoy many tax and legal benefits. Do

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The Societies of India were created under the Societies Act of 1861. Although it is not compulsory to register a society, it is recommended. This will allow you to enjoy many tax and legal benefits. Dobizindia Business Solutions Private Limited can offer high-quality professional services for society registration through our all-inclusive plans. Our society registration package is all you need. We will be there to help you constantly. Our professionals have over 18 years of experience and are highly qualified.

Register Online for Society in India

Society is the most straightforward non-governmental organisation in India. It can register to operate at the state or national levels for educational and charitable purposes. Societies can be registered in India under the Societies Registration Act (1860). While the Societies Registration Act of India is applicable across India, many Indian states have their own laws about society registration.

Critical decisions to make for society registration in India

  • What purpose does the proposal serve?
  • How many members will it need?
  • Which type of registration will it have?
  • What name will it bear?
  • It is where will it be?
  • Who will contribute to it?

Checklist for India Society Registration

Before you begin a society's registration and formation process, specific requirements must be met. These include the number, purpose, and relationship between founders and members, as well as the name and address of the society. Forming a society in India is impossible if these conditions are not met. You can find a complete list in the table below.

Checklist for Society Registration

  • Minimum 7 individuals
  • According to the Societies Act of 1860, formations are for specified purposes.
  • A non-governmental, not-for-profit organisation
  • None of the founders or members can be related by blood.
  • A unique and valid title
  • A registered office address

Registering with a society requires documents.

India's society registration process is most complicated when it comes to documentation. The society registration application must be accompanied by the prescribed documents under the Societies Act of 1860. Incorrect forms or failure to present any of these documents could lead to your application being rejected. To avoid any delay or hassle in the formation and registration of your society, all necessary documents must be filed correctly. Below is a list of all documents required for India Society registration.

A. A. B. B.
Passport-size Photograph Premises Proof:
Copy of PAN card Telephone
Address proof: (any single document) Telephone Bill Gas Bill, Electricity Bill Bank Statement Electricity
Identity: (any single document) Passport Voter ID Driving Licence Water Bill
Signed MOA and By-Laws NOC from the premises owner
Affidavits for the President

What is the membership of a society?

According to the Societies Registration Act (1860), a member of a society means that they have been admitted in the prescribed manner by the society's rules and regulations. They must also sign the society's member list and pay a certain subscription fee.

What advantages do social formations possess?

A few of the many benefits of India's social creation include:

What tax advantages can a registered society claim under the Income Tax Act 1961?

A registered society can be subject to the 1961 Income Tax Act. You can apply for tax registration under Section 12 A or Section 12 AA and receive the applicable exemptions. After approval under Section 80G, donors to the society may be eligible to receive a tax reduction.

Can an object of society be altered?

Yes. The object of Society may be changed according to the law. To accomplish societyhe members of the Society adopt a resolution. The same is then sent to the registry within the specified time.

For what reason is a person disqualified from being a member of the Society?

If the subscription period is longer than three months, the person cannot be a member.

Step-by-step procedure for India Society registration

India has two options for trust registration: unregistered or registered. There are many advantages to a registered trust over an unregistered one. You have the right to sue and claim income tax exemptions. You can also own property. It is recommended that you register your trust immediately after it is formed. Here is the detailed step-by-step procedure for India Society registration.

Step 1: Documentation

Without proper documents, India has a slow process for registering societies. We advise you to prepare all documents necessary to register your society. Incorrect or inadequate documentation can result in the rejection of your entire application.

Step 2: Select a unique name.

A society's name must be distinctive and convey its established purpose. It is essential that your society's name not match the name of any other society, NGO, registered trademark, or applied trademark. The name of your society should not be identical to that of an existing society. However, it must be different from any trademark registered or applied for.

Step 3: Draught MoA, Rules and Regulations

The Memorandum of the Society (and the Rules of the Society) are the most crucial documents for the foundation of any society. The Memorandum of the Society defines the primary purpose of the society. Rules are used to manage the internal affairs of the society, such as the quorum of the meetings and the powers and responsibilities of the officers of the society, including the secretary, president, and treasurer.

Step 4: Application for Registration to the Society

After the Rules of the Society and MoA are drafted, it is time to approach the Registrar of the Society with an application. Because the Registrar of Societies has the authority to register societies, it is also an authority under the state governments. The fees charged for this service vary in different states. The state governments also keep a register that lists the names of the societies. After submitting the application and supporting documents, you can check its status at the MCA's official website.

Step 5: Issuance of a Certificate of Society Registration

The Certificate of Registration to Society is the end of the process for society registration. The Certificate of Registration proves that the society is registered with the Registrar. It usually takes around a month for the society registration process to be completed in India.

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