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Basic overview

Advantages of Trademark Renewal

The owner or authorized user can submit a renewal or restoration request by filing with their local trademark registration agency.

Legal Protection

Establishing your rights can be straightforward in court if someone violates your registered trademark. Registration of trademarks is essential in industries with frequent trademark infringement issues, so protecting yourself with the registration of the mark can save time and hassle when taking legal action against someone who infringes it.

Business Possibility

Can I Explore Potential Solutions? If your brand succeeds, its trademark will become an intangible asset with excellent business potential. Think of companies that have profited greatly from royalties by selling ownership to interested parties or engaging into licensing arrangements, such as Tide, Nike, or McDonald's.

Distinct Identity

Your Mark Do You Want Your Clients to Associate Your Brand With the Goods or Services It Offers? Registering your trademark will give your products or services an unmistakable identity; any similar phrases or catchphrases would then be prohibited under law. DobizIndia Business Solution Pvt. Ltd. Can be useful while renewing a trademark.

Trademark Renewal

Once your information has been submitted, a representative will contact you to discuss the process and costs while gathering more details about your needs and requirements. Charges may apply depending on whether or not your trademark needs to be reinstated or renewed. Government trademark renewal fees for renewal or restoration range between Rs 5000 and Rs 8000.

Renewal Request Form

Our attorneys will begin compiling all necessary paperwork, along with renewal fees. A Form-10 or Form-12 should also be submitted to the registrar as part of this process.


We will keep you up-to-date with the status of your trademark application and inform you whether it has been renewed for another ten years within four to five months.

Renewal Of the trademark is Necessary

Renewing your trademark provides numerous advantages. When a trademark is registered, its holder gains legal protections that safeguard against potential trademark infringers and compensation in case such instances occur.

Alterations and Adjustments Within Trademark Renewal Online

Adjustments or changes can be made to an authorized trademark's symbol or emblem by following these steps:

  • Submitting an application for renewal using Form TM-
  • An applicant for renewal can either be the trademark's registered owner or someone they choose as their representative.
  • Trademark renewal can be done with just one application submission for 10 more years by filing a renewal application.
  • Once filed, it is essential to monitor its progress until its approval by the registrar so that your trademark can be renewed.
  • The Trademark Journal, an official publication of the Trademark Register, regulates the acceptance or denial of applications submitted for trademark registration. Once approved, an advertisement for it will appear in this publication and should begin at least three to six months before its expiration. To start the renewal process on time.
  • Applications should be submitted using Form-18 with all required payments and assessed for quality before being officially approved for renewal.

What Is Trademark Renewal?

Trademark registrations are valid for 10 years and perpetually renewable. Renewal begins six months before the expiration date if you've missed it; even large organizations often need to remember. Thankfully, reminders will arrive at your registered address before your trademark lapse date.

The Registrar of Trade Marks Journal will publish an official notice informing you of its intention to withdraw your trademark if no renewal application has been filed within one year after the expiration date.

Trademark Registration Renewal in India can be completed between six and twelve months after their trademarks expire by paying a restoration fee; DobizIndia Business Solution Pvt. Ltd. provides this service.

Trademark Registration Renewal in India can be completed between six and twelve months after their trademarks expire by paying a restoration fee; DobizIndia Business Solution Pvt. Ltd. provides this service.

Checklist For Renewal Of A Trademark

  • Prior ownership of a registered trademark that needs renewing To determine eligibility, examine the intent for commercial usage. Check that no similar trademarks exist by conducting thorough research into licensed and renowned databases of trademarks.
  • To avoid trademark conflicts and find workable solutions, legal advice should be sought to help determine an acceptable resolution.
  • If renewal of trademark registration online in India is necessary, an application for renewal should be obtained and completed according to all the necessary conditions.

Documents Needed for Online Indian Trademark Renewal

  • A copy of your registration documentation in duplicate
  • An initial and renewal application with supporting documents.
  • Application (target application, renewal application, and adherence) secure
  • A copy of your Registration Documents
  • If needed, an initial and renewal application should be prepared and filed in line with requirements, then adhered to according to conditions.
  • Copy of the TM-A form (the original form used to register a trademark)
  • Proof of Identity and Address for the applicant A power of Attorney can be granted if the applicant acts as an authorized representative or agency.
  • Restoring a Trademark

Sometimes people need to remember to renew their trademarks on time. No need for alarm; in such a situation, options may be available if one misses this deadline; for instance, restoring it under Section 25(4) of the Trademark Act 1999 allows anyone to submit applications to convert them.

Trademark Renewal Online: How Long Will It Take to Renew My Trademark?

According to Rules 57 and 58 in the 2017 Trade Mark Rules, trademark renewal must take place online within six months from when registration was originally filed.

  • Renewals should be submitted within one year before the expiration date.
  • Extensions should be submitted six months post-expiration, following rules 63 and 64 of the Registered Trademarks Rules of 2002.
  • Renewal requests can be filed up to six months after the expiration date, or they will be deleted from the Register of Trademarks without further renewal attempts.

FAQs on Trademark Renewal Online in India

Can I file my Trademark Renewal Online application after its expiration Term has Expired?

Your license has already expired, and you have 30 days to renew it without incurring fees; after 30 days, however, any renewal costs will apply, and after five years from expiration, any holder who wishes to renew must submit an application for another license.

How Does Trademark Restoration Work?

A trademark struck from the Register of Trademarks due to non-renewal can be reinstated by filing an application within one year and no later than six months from its most recent registration expiring, using the applicable form to restore marks.

How often can trademark registration in India be renewed online?

The Trademark Act of 1999 stipulates a 10-year registration period for trademarks in India, and renewal costs must be borne for an additional 10-year registration term. While trademark lifespan typically falls within this time frame, individual states may allow exceptions.

Are the trademark renewal and Restoration processes Similar?

No. To keep trademark registration permanent, a renewal application should be filed using form TM-R with an annual renewal fee of Rs 9000 within one year after expiry. Conversely, trademark restoration refers to reinstating a mark removed from the Register due to delayed renewal procedures.

What are the trademark renewal fees in India?

For filing an application to renew a trademark in one class, an official fee of Rs 9000/- will be levied as official renewal fees; if a surcharge is added, another Rs 4500/- fee will apply.

Forms Required for Renewal of a Trademark in India

When renewing trademark registration in India, these forms and fees must be submitted with payment for renewal.

  • Note that they should also send this letter directly for renewal through the Department of the Registrar of Trademarks.
  • The Department of the Registrar of Trademarks will notify trademark owners six months before their renewal deadline; failing this, their trademark will be deleted from the Register.
  • If a Trademark becomes invalidated due to registration expiration, restoration can be obtained by filing an application and paying a reinstatement fee of at least 6 months but no later than 1 year from its last registration expiration.

Form type Purpose of the Form Cost(physical filing) Cost(e- filing)
TM-R Form to be completed by the trademark owner when requesting to renew their registration application for trademark registration renewal with a surcharge ₹10,000 ₹5000 + Renewal fee ₹9000 ₹4500 + Renewal fee
TM-18 Supporting affidavit for the case statement - -

Procedures for Renewal of a Trademark in India

Trademark Search

Before renewing a trademark in India, it is vitally important that it has not yet been registered or filed for registration elsewhere. An inquiry can be performed through the Indian Trademark Office website for this purpose.

Application for Renewal

For an additional charge, renewal applications can be submitted six months before or six months post-expiry of their trademark registrations in either one of two ways: directly at the Trademark Office or online via their website.

Application Review

Once submitted, the Trademark Office will conduct an application review process to ensure all required details have been provided in a renewal application.

Publication in the Trademark Journal

Following evaluation of your renewal application, your brand will be advertised in the Trademark Journal.

Opposition Period

Third parties have four months after the date of publication in the Trademark Journal to oppose its extension.

Renewal certificate

If no resistance or opposition is upheld in favor of the trademark owner, the Trademark Office will award a renewal certificate.

Paying Fees

To complete the renewal procedure, which is the final stage, fees must be paid directly at the Trademark Office or electronically through their website.

Paying Fees

To complete the renewal procedure, which is the final stage, fees must be paid directly at the Trademark Office or electronically through their website.

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