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Keep tabs on attempts by others to register trademarks that closely resemble or are identical to your brand name.

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Basic overview

What Is a trademark monitoring service?

Registering a trademark is the first step toward protecting your brand name. A trademark can be any symbol, from phrases, pictures, and words to labels or sounds. Once registered, trademarks become valuable assets to any business as they provide unique positioning with consumers.

To maintain complete control over it, you must remain aware of attempts by other businesses or individuals to register similar trademarks relating to any domain other than that in which you operate. Although the Registrar has specific rules for approving trademarks, more should be done to prevent identical or similar brand names from being registered. This is where international trademark watch companies come in; they will keep you up-to-date on any parallel or similar brand names registered worldwide or new applications received at trademark offices domestically and globally.

Why Are Our Trademark Watch Services the Right Choice? (Checklist)

At Trademark Watch Services, we understand trademarks as individual creations for promoting brands. As such, we tailor a digital trademark monitoring parameter to your unique requirements while considering cost as we devise our trademark watch service packages. Here is our checklist so you can understand why this is the ideal trademark watch service option:

  • Our watch identifies similarities in word meanings instead of just matching similar or identical word matches.
  • Leveraging technology, we identify visual and phonetic similarities and provide timely reports so you can act quickly to protect intellectual property.
  • Our user-friendly portal makes storing and reviewing watch reports easier; cost-effective analysis and volume discounts at competitive rates are all hallmarks of excellence for us.

FAQs on Trademark Watch Services in India

Why is early identification of similar trademarks beneficial to my business?

Timely recognition of similar trademarks is of vital importance for any successful enterprise. As soon as misuse is detected, it will be easier to take steps against any potential infringements of your trademark rights and enforce them accordingly.

Where should I register my trademark for my business?

Your trademark should be registered with the Controller General of Patents, Designs, and Trademarks in India's Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

Why Should I Register My Trademark?

A registered trademark can be an invaluable asset to your business by projecting its unique positioning to consumers. Furthermore, by filing for trademark registration, you can steer clear of future legal battles and disputes and concentrate on enhancing your brand's reputation.

What Is Trademark Watch?

Trademark Watch is an international service that monitors trademarks to detect any similar or related marks owned by third parties that could exist anywhere across all nations.

Why Should I Employ a Trademark Watch Company?

Your trademark could suffer irreparable harm if another is identical or confusingly similar. Buyers could mistake the commercial origins of both trademarks, potentially jeopardizing your success as a company. Therefore, hiring a trademark watch company with regular monitoring capabilities that provides prompt responses should any imitation trademark be discovered could prove invaluable to its success.

Who Should Utilize Our Trademark Watch Service?

Firms or individuals who value trademarks as an important asset should utilize our trademark watch service. Keeping an eye out for new trademark applications and protecting the rights associated with their brand can help monitor new applications while protecting those you already hold.

How Does Dobizindia Business Solution Pvt. Ltd. Carry Out Their Trademark Watch Service?

At Dobizindia Business Solution Pvt. Ltd., our expert teams constantly monitor industrial property bulletins using cutting-edge technology to identify new applications that could directly or indirectly compromise your trademark. Through us, you will always have access to effective methods for fighting imitations.

step-by-step process

For Digital Trademark Monitoring, Step One (Fall 2017) ,

  • Step 1 begins by speaking with one of our attorneys regarding your business and brand, who then recommends the variations to track.
  • Step 2: We maintain an expansive database of trademark filings across industries. We detect instances where similar or identical brands appear by keeping an eye out for all new filings.
  • Step 3: As part of our trademark watch service provider offerings, we can provide real-time information regarding any attempts by other businesses and individuals to register similar trademarks, both locally in India as well as globally.

Types of Trademark Watch Companies

Three types of trademark watches exist. These are: identical trademark watches; a similar trademark watch; and a trademark watch that contains an opinion (a trademark watch with a view).

We help prepare replies and justifications on your behalf in cases of objection or opposition.

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